Changing the build status of a Project

You can assign a build status to your Project to indicate what stage of creation it is currently at.

Changing the status does not affect the Project itself but they can be useful in helping you organize your own Projects or for the rest of your organization (if they're permitted to view your Projects).

There are four build statuses to choose from:

  • Development
  • Review
  • Published
  • Archived

You can see each Project's current status in the Project Library under the Status heading:

Create, arrow pointing to status of a Project in the library.png

You can filter the results in the library by a Project's status to make different groups of Projects at different stages of their development easier to find. For more information about how to filter by status, see Searching for a Project in the library.


Changing a Project's status

1. Go to Projects

2. Find the Project in the list. Use the search and filters if you're having trouble finding it.

3. Select the ellipsis icon (Create, ellipsis menu icon.png) to the right of the Project

4. Choose Status

5. Select a new status from the Status drop-down menu


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