Setting your organization's default Brand Style

If you have several Brand Styles, it can sometimes be difficult for you and your teammates to know which Style to use for their new Project.

In Create, you can set a default Brand Style which is automatically applied to new Projects when they're created. You can still choose to change that Style later if you wish, but having a default Style available from the start can be useful in speeding up the building process.

To keep your branding consistent between the majority of your Projects, you may want to set the Style that you and your colleagues will use the most as your default Style. Any alternative, lesser-used Styles can then be applied manually as needed. For more information about how to change the Style of a Project, see Applying a different Brand Style to your Project.


Making a Style your main Style

1. Go to the Brand Style library

2. Find the Style that you'd like to make into your main Style

3. Select the ellipsis menu to the right of the Style

4. Choose Set as Main Style

This Style will now be automatically applied to all new Projects that are created in the future. Any existing Projects that use other Styles will not be changed.


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