Deleting an asset

Your media assets can be deleted from the Asset Library if they are no longer required. Once an asset has been deleted it will no longer appear in the Asset Library and can no longer be used.

If you'd prefer to keep the asset, you can change who can access it instead of getting rid of it. You can read more about this in Changing who can see and use media assets you've uploaded.

An asset can only be deleted once it has been removed from all of the Projects it is being used in. You may need to check which Projects are using the asset and remove it from them before it can be deleted from your library.

Caution: Once you delete an asset, it cannot be recovered.


Checking where the asset is being used

If you're unsure which Projects an asset is being used in, you can check this by opening the asset in the library.

1. Go to the Asset Library

2. Find the asset you'd like to check

3. Select the asset. This will open up a modal window with more information

4. Switch to the Used In tab:

Create, arrow pointing to Used In in asset details modal .png

5. You'll see a list of all the Projects where this asset is being used.

6. Open each Project and delete the asset from all places where it is used in the Project

Deleting the file 

Once you've removed the asset from all of your Projects, you can then delete it. You can delete assets one at a time or in bulk.

One at a time

1. Go to the Asset Library

2. Find the asset you'd like to delete

3. Select the ellipsis icon to the right of the asset 

4. Select Delete


Deleting assets in bulk

1. Go to the Asset Library

2. Select the check box next to each asset:

Create, arrow pointing to asset's selected check box in asset library.png

3. Select Delete from the toolbar:

4. Select Confirm Delete

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