Uploading files to the Asset Library

Your Asset Library is where all the media files you've uploaded are stored and managed. 

There are two ways of adding files to the Asset Library:

  • By directly uploading files to the Asset Library
  • Indirectly, by uploading files to a Project

Assets that you upload will remain private to you until they have been directly shared with others or when a Project using those assets has been shared. You can read more about sharing Projects with your team in Making your Projects visible to your colleagues.

Once a file is added to the Asset Library, it remains there so you can reuse it as and when you need to rather than having to upload the same asset more than once to a Project.

For a full list of supported file types that can be uploaded to the Asset Library, see What file types can I upload to Elucidat Create?


Adding files to the library

1. Go to the Asset Library on the Create homepage

2. Select Upload in the library toolbar Create, arrow pointing to Upload button in asset library.png

3. Select one or more files from your computer's file explorer 

4. Your asset(s) will begin uploading. Their progress will be shown in a pop-up to the right of the screen:

Create, file upload progress pop-up in asset library.png

Successful uploads will be marked with a tick (Create, green tick icon.png).


Adding files to your Project

Files are also added to the Asset Library when they are uploaded to a Project. You can add files to your Project in a variety of ways. See the articles below for more information.

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