Creating assessment questions

You can add questions to your course to help your learners internalize the knowledge they've gained on a topic or to provide a more formal assessment and grade their results.

In order to begin building questions, you must first add a question component to the page. To learn how to add components to a page, see Adding new components to a page.

If you'd like your questions to contribute towards the learner's score, you'll need to export the Project in either the Compliance mode or Knowledge check mode. For more information about how to configure your Project's progress and score settings, see Setting the completion and pass rates of your course.


Editing your questions

A new question component will contain some placeholder text as well as placeholder answers. You can edit the text and configure the answers using the Project toolbar.

1. Select the question component. You'll know it has been selected if there is a blue border around the question.

2. Select the Question icon (Create, question icon in Project toolbar.png) on the Project toolbar. This will open the question editing modal.

In the modal, there are controls situated under two headings:

  • Questions which contains controls for the question and its answers
  • Question feedback which contains controls for the feedback a user sees once they have submitted an answer

Each accordion in the editing modal represents an element of your question.


Configuring questions and answers using the question editing modal

In the editing modal, expand the accordion of the question you'd like to edit. This will reveal a text field and several new accordions containing controls for each answer:

Create, question editing modal with question accordion expanded.png

Adding text to questions and answers

1. Type your question into the Question text field

2. Expand an Answer accordion and write an answer in the text field


Setting an answer as correct or incorrect

Each answer will need to be set as 'correct' or 'incorrect'. 

1. Open an Answer accordion

2. Toggle the Answer is correct setting. Toggling the switch to the on position will set the answer as 'correct'; toggling it off will set it as 'incorrect'.


Creating a multiple-choice question

If you'd like to create a question where there is more than one correct answer, you can make it into a multiple choice question.

1. Toggle the Multiple Choice option. Toggling the switch to the on position will change the question to a multiple choice question; toggling it off will change it back to a single choice question:

create, arrow pointing to multiple choice toggle on question.png

2. Set any additional answers as correct as needed.


Adding a new question to the component

You can add multiple questions to the component to create a carousel of questions. This can be a useful way to consolidate space on your page.

You can add a new question by selecting Add Question.


Changing the position of a question or answer

You can re-arrange the positions of your questions and answers.

1. Select the ellipsis menu of the item you'd like to move

2. Select Move up to move the item one position up or Move down to move it one position down


Deleting a question or answer

1. Select the ellipsis menu of the item you'd like to delete

2. Select Delete

Note: If you delete an item by mistake or change your mind, you can restore your Project back to a previous save. To learn more about this, see Restoring a previous version of your Project.
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