Setting the completion and pass rates of your course

Tracking your learners' progress and scores are the two ways you can evaluate their success in a course.

Viewing pages and completing interactions contribute to their progress while answering questions contributes to their score. Both are measured in percentages. 

Achieving the minimum defined progress percentage will award the learner a Completed status in their LMS. Achieving the minimum defined score percentage will award them a Passed status.

To define the minimum percentage your learners need to achieve to succeed, you'll need to first choose a Progress and scoring mode.


Progress and scoring modes

There are three different settings you can use, each of which defines whether your course reports only progress, only score, or both simultaneously:

  • Explore and learn which will mean the learner's success is judged only using progress
  • Knowledge check mode which will mean both progress and score are used to judge success
  • Compliance mode which will mean the learner's success is judged only using their score

Once selected, you can then use the controls to set the minimum percentage value the learner needs to achieve to be successful.

Note: Knowledge check mode can only be used with the SCORM 2004 format as SCORM 1.2 is not able to report both progress and score simultaneously. For this reason, we do not recommend using this mode if you are exporting your course in the SCORM 1.2 format. For more information about the different SCORM formats, see Understanding the differences between SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.


Choosing a mode

1. Open your Project

2. Select Progress and Scoring from the top toolbar:

Create, arrow pointing to Progress and Scoring button in top toolbar.png

3. Select the mode you'd like to use:

Create, Progress and Scoring modal.png

The Completion percentage and Pass percentage sliders will become available or unavailable depending on the mode you choose. 


Setting a completion rate

If you choose Explore and learn or Knowledge check mode, the Completion percentage slider will become available to use.

Set the slider to the percentage value you'd like your learner to achieve to be successful in your course. 

For example, setting the slider to 90 means that your learners will need to view and complete 90% or more of the course in order to achieve a Completed status in their LMS.


Setting a pass rate

If you choose Compliance mode or Knowledge check mode, you'll be able to set a pass rate using the Pass percentage slider.

Set the slider to the minimum score value you'd like your learners to achieve.

For example, setting the slider to 80 means that your learners need to achieve a score of 80% or more before they're awarded a Passed status in their LMS.


Tip: As well as using the slider, you can also enter the exact number or use the arrows to select the percentage requirement Create, Completion percentage slider.png


Next steps

Once you've set your completion and pass rates, you can export your Project into a SCORM package. 

You can change these settings at any time. If the settings have been changed, any new exports will use these settings rather than the old ones. 

To find out more about how to export your Project into SCORM, see Creating a SCORM package from your Project.


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