Creating a copy of an existing Project

If there's an existing Project in your account you'd like to use as a base for a new Project, you can duplicate that Project to create an exact copy, detached from the original.

Any changes you make in your duplicate will not affect the original Project it was duplicated from.

You can duplicate any Projects that you have access to.

When you duplicate a Project, you become the Owner of the new Project and are granted all the permissions that come with the Owner access level. For more information about the different access levels, see Understanding Project access levels and the permissions they grant.


Duplicating a Project in the library

1. Go to Projects

2. Find the Project you'd like to duplicate in the list or search for it using the Search Projects field

3. Select the ellipsis icon to the right of the Project information

4. Choose Duplicate from the options

5. Give your new Project a name and select Ok

Your new Project will be built and added to your library. You can start editing by selecting the newly created Project.


Creating a version of your Project

If you don't want to create an entirely new Project to work on, another option could be to create a new Project version. This captures your Project at a specific point in time, allowing you to preview and create exports from a previous version of your course, even if you've updated it since.

This can be useful for Projects which are updated regularly for compliance reasons or where it's necessary to know exactly which version of an elearning course a learner has taken.

For more information about versioning, see Creating different versions of the same Project.

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