Creating a new Project using a PowerPoint presentation as a base

If you already have a PowerPoint learning resource, you can import it into Elucidat Create so it can be converted into a Project using AI.

When you upload the PowerPoint to make it into a Project, you'll be able to choose which assets from that file are uploaded into your Asset Library and use AI to further enhance the Project using the information from the PowerPoint.

This can be a great way to convert existing or older learning materials into a format which can be uploaded to an LMS, or translated for a wider, international audience.

Note: Any pages that have been hidden or skipped in the PowerPoint file will be included in the newly created Project. If you would prefer certain pages to not appear in your Project, you may want to make a copy of the PowerPoint and remove any unwanted pages before uploading it to Elucidat Create.


Creating from a PowerPoint document

1. Go to Projects

2. Select Create Project

3. Select Import a Powerpoint file and find the file you'd like to use

Create, Projects, Arrow pointing to Import a Powerpoint.png

4. Press Next

5. Select the assets from your PowerPoint you'd like to include in your new Project. These assets will also be added to your Asset Library.

6. Choose whether you'd like to use AI to enhance your Project by adding any combination of a knowledge check, an introduction, or a summary. If you'd prefer not to use any AI enhancement, press Next without selecting any options.

7. Your PowerPoint file will begin importing

8. You'll be taken to the editing interface and prompted to give your Project a name

9. Save your new Project by selecting Save in the top right corner of the screen

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