Creating a Project from a template

When it comes to creating projects with Elucidat Create, there are several options to choose from. If you're looking to get started right away, you can take advantage of the available pre-existing templates or use an external document like a PowerPoint presentation as a base. These can provide a great starting point and can help you save time in the creation process.

Elucidat Create offers a handful of templates that can help you get a head start on your Project. Each template is built for a specific purpose and can be edited further so you can tailor it to your needs.

  • Quick Onboarding which is a single-page template designed to introduce a new employee to a new role. 
  • Product Knowledge which is designed to introduce a new product to your team using a single, streamlined, scrolling page. 
  • In-depth learning process which is designed to be a more comprehensive, multi-chapter Project that can be useful for introducing a new process to your team

Each template contains a variety of pre-built interactions and media components to help teach your learners and knowledge checks to test them on what they've learned.

These components will also contain helpful placeholder text which can help guide you towards what the content within could cover.


Creating from a template

1. Go to Projects

2. Select Create Project

3. Select Create from Template

Create, Projects, Arrow pointing to Create from Template.png

3. Choose a template from the list by selecting Try it! If you're not sure what to pick, select Let us choose for you and a template will be chosen at random

4. You'll be taken to the editing interface and prompted to give your Project a name

5. To save your new Project to your library, select Save in the top right corner of the screen

Tip: If you'd prefer to try another template instead of the one you chose, select Back to Projects before saving. The Project won't be saved to your library and you can try creating a new Project using a different template instead.


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