Changing who can see and use media assets you've uploaded

When you upload a media asset either via the Asset Library or by uploading a file to your Project, that asset is private to you. Only you can see and use that asset in your Projects.

You can choose to share assets if you'd like your colleagues to also be able to use them.

There are two access levels for assets:

  • Editor which allows the user full access to the asset
  • No access which prevents the user from seeing the asset in their library and by extension, editing and using it in any way

You can share assets directly, choosing whether only specific people can access and use them or whether they are accessible to your entire organisation.

However, assets are also automatically made available to users who have Editor access to Projects that use them. In other words, if you grant the Editor access level for a Project to one or more users, those users will also be able to see and edit the assets that are in that Project and use them in their own Projects. For more information about sharing Projects, see Making your Projects visible to your colleagues.


Opening an asset's sharing options

1. Go to the Asset Library

2. Find the asset you'd like to share

3. Select the ellipsis icon to the right of the asset to reveal its options:

Create, arrow pointing to asset library asset's ellipsis icon menu.png

4. Choose Share

5. The asset sharing modal will be opened where you can see the current access levels of any users who already have access to the asset:

Create, asset sharing modal .png

Changing the access level of one or more users

You can select one or more users to share the asset with.

1. Search for the user in the Search Users field. You can either type their name or view a list of users by selecting the downward-facing arrow in the search field.

2. Set their access level from the drop-down menu

3. Select Add

Changing the access level of your entire organisation at once

You can give access to all of your colleagues at once by changing the access level of All accounts at your organisation.

1. Open the drop-down menu next to the All accounts entry by selecting the downwards arrow next to the current access level.

2. Select a new access level

The access level will be updated and applied to all of the users in your organisation.

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