Changing the type of component being used

In Create, you can experiment with different component types without losing the content you've already added. 

For example, you may have already built an Accordion complete with text and images but want to check how it would look in another component type like a Carousel.

Instead of rebuilding the component from the beginning, you can switch the component type and keep all your existing text and image content.


Switching component types

1. Select the component you'd like to change. You'll know it has been selected if there is a blue border around it.

2. Select the Component button (Create, component button in the Project toolbar.png) in the Project toolbar

3. Choose a different component from the drop-down menu


Understanding parts in common and how they affect the text shown

Each component has at least a handful of parts in common. For example, they all have a title, introduction text, and text that appears after the component and you'll find that text and images added to these parts will be shared between all components. You'll see no difference in these parts when changing from two relatively different components like an Accordion to a Call to Action.

However, some components don't share parts with others. The Timeline has multiple items; the Video component doesn't. In this case, you'll find that the Video won't include the text or images from the Timeline items as there is no comparable part to put it in. In this case, the text from the Timeline is preserved and will show again when the component is switched to something with parts in common with the Timeline like a Carousel or Flipcard.


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