Adding sections to a page

Pages can be built out by adding sections. Sections break up your page and can help make your learning content more easily readable.

You could add a small handful of sections per page to structure your course into clear and comprehensible parts, or you can add many sections to a single page to make a longer scrolling page.

A section can hold one or more components like questions and interactions or text and images. When you add a section, you can also choose a component to get you started. 


Creating new sections

You can create a new section using the + icons (Create, add section icon .png) at the top and bottom parts of an existing section.

1. Go to the page you'd like to add a section to by selecting it from the Project overview menu.

2. Find the place on the page where you'd like to add the section and select the + icon:

Create, arrow pointing to add section icon in example Project.png

3. Choose a component from the menu:

Create, page section menu.png

This can be changed later if you decide you'd like to use a different component. For more information about how to change the current type of a block, see the article Changing the type of component being used.

The section will be added to your page along with your chosen component.

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