Removing terms from your Translation Glossary

You can remove terms from your Translation Glossary directly from the glossary editing section.

Your existing translated courses will not be affected by the removal of a glossary term but any new Projects that are created after a term is removed will no longer use the term in translations.

Once deleted, Auto-Translate will continue to translate the term automatically.

A term deleted from your glossary cannot be individually restored. However, you can re-upload a previous version of your glossary which contains the term(s) that were removed.

Keep in mind that uploading a previous version of your glossary will not overwrite your current glossary or remove any terms; it will simply add to it, so you may want to keep an eye out for any duplicate entries that have been added. 

Tip: Consider exporting your glossary in regular intervals to act as a backup in case you remove one or more terms accidentally. 


Deleting terms in Elucidat

1. Find the term you'd like to delete from the list. You can also use the search bar to narrow down the results

2. Select the term's ellipsis menu (Create, ellipsis menu icon.png)

3. Choose Delete:

Translation glossary, arrow poinitng to Delete button for one glossary item.png


Deleting multiple terms at once

1. Go to the glossary term list

2. Select the checkbox on the left of each term you'd like to delete:

Translation glossary, multiple glossary items checked.png

3. Select Delete from the action menu at the bottom of the screen:

Translation glossary, action menu with two items selected.png

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