Fair Usage Policy

As part of Elucidat’s commitment to providing a reliable, high-quality service to our customers we have provided a Fair Usage Policy (“the policy”) that will ensure a continued positive experience for our entire customer base.

The policy is intended to help protect our customers from overuse of our service and offerings.


General Statement

Customers shall ensure that any applications that access the Elucidat’s services do not place unreasonable burden on or intentionally overuse said service and that such use shall comply with any fair usage limits as outlined here.

The use or launch of any automated system that accesses Elucidat’s services in a manner that sends more request messages to said service in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period is prohibited. 

Any support or investigations into data will work within a 1% data tolerance.

In addition to the above statement, below we outline specific limits for specific areas of the services provided to customers.

Service Limits

Concurrent Users

Learners: 1500

Authors: 25

Pages per course

Recommended: 50

Maximum: 100

Releases per day

SCORM for LMS: 2000

Online Link: 2000

Backup SCORM: 2000


Courses: 30 per day


2000 per hour

Uploading assets

Videos: 2GB

Audio: 2GB

Images: 2GB

Resources: 4MB


Translated characters per subscription year using our Auto-Translate functionality (only applicable if you have Auto-Translate enabled): 100 million


Anticipated Learner Usage

If you are on a subscription plan that does not have a specified learner allowance, this section of our Fair Usage Policy applies. If you have a pre-defined learner allowance within your contract, this section does not apply.

Each Elucidat plan comes with an anticipated usage of learners per year. The anticipated number of learners is as follows:

  • Basic: 15,000 anticipated learners per year
  • Team: 40,000 anticipated learners per year
  • Enterprise: 100,000 anticipated learners per year
  • Scale: 200,000 anticipated learners per year

In order to maintain a stable and scalable service for all users of Elucidat, we require customers to not exceed our anticipated learner allowances by more than 200%.

If you exceed your anticipated learner allowance by more than 200% we will discuss with you options to reduce usage. Elucidat reserves the right to suspend or place restrictions on accounts that exceed 200% of anticipated learners with immediate effect on notice to the customer.

This does not apply if your contract already specifies a specific learner allowance.

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