Applying a different Brand Style to your Project

If a Main Style has been set, every new Project created will automatically use that Style. However, you are able to quickly change the Style a Project uses at any time.

Switching a Project's Style will change the look and feel of the Project. This could mean applying different colors, fonts, and changing the available color palettes that can be used in the Project.

Styles can be switched in and out relatively easily which is useful if you'd like to take a look at how your Project might look with a different Style without committing to any permanent changes.  


Switching a Project's Brand Style

1. Go to your Project

2. Select Brand Style in the top toolbar:

Create, editing interface, top toolbar, Brand Style.png

3. Find the Brand Style you'd like to use from the Brand Library. You can search using the search field or filter by your favorites.

4. Select Choose to apply the Brand Style

5. If you'd like to keep using the new Style, select Save. If not, you can select the previous Style again from the library or use the Edit history to restore a previous version of your Project.

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