Artifical Intelligence (AI) statement of support

You can use several AI features in Elucidat Create to speed up the building of your courses or enhance them by creating summaries and questions based on the content in your course.

However, while these features can help you with your creation process, they are not intended to fully replace human creators. You may find that the content resulting from the use of AI may not be 100% accurate or match your expectations.

We are able to offer support for issues related to the functioning of the feature in Elucidat Create, for example, if the AI becomes unresponsive or inaccessible due to a bug or fault in our platform.

However, as the content is produced by the AI and not Elucidat, we cannot provide support for or offer development to alter the outputted content from any of our AI features.

We recommend always using your best judgment when using AI and performing thorough quality assurance (QA) on the content it creates. 


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