Translate a Project using Auto-Translate

Translating your courses in Create can be done quickly and easily using Auto-Translate. 

Auto-Translate uses machine translation to automate the process for you and create fully translated courses in up to 75 different languages in a matter of seconds. 

When you translate a Project, Auto-Translate will create a new Project in the language you've selected, leaving your original Project in its original language.


Auto-Translate a Project

1. Find your Project in the library and select the ellipsis menu (Create, ellipsis menu icon.png)

Create, arrow pointing to ellipsis menu of Project in library.png

2. Choose Translate

3. Select a language from the drop-down menu

4. Select Next

5. Give your translated Project a name

6. Your Project will begin translating

Once it has finished, it will be visible and accessible in your Project Library.


Available languages for use with Auto-Translate

Afrikaans German Pashto
Albanian Greek Polish
Amharic Gujurati Portuguese (Brazil
Arabic Haitian Creole Portuguese (Portugal)
Armenian Hausa Punjabi
Azerbaijani Hebrew Romanian
Bengali Hindi Russian
Bosnian Hungarian Serbian
Bulgarian Icelandic Sinhala
Catalan Indonesian Slovak
Chinese (S) Irish Slovenian
Chinese (T) Italian Somali
Croatian Japanese Spanish
Czech Kannada Spanish (Mexico)
Danish Kazakh Swahili
Dari Korean Swedish
Dutch Latvian Tamil
English Lithuanian Telugu
Estonian Macedonian Thai
Farsi (Persian) Malay Turkish
Filipino, Tagalog Malayalam Ukrainian
Finnish Maltese Urdu
French Marathi Uzbek
French (Canada) Mongolian Vietnamese
Georgian Norwegian (Bokmål) Welsh
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