Searching for a Project in the library

The Project Library is where all of your organization's Projects are kept. You can search for a Project using several different search and filter options.


Searching a Project's name

You can directly search for a Project in the library if you know the title.

1. Select Projects on the Create homepage to open the Project Library

2. Type the Project name in part or in full in the search field:

Create, arrow pointing to search field in Project Library

3. The results will appear below as you type


Filtering the results in the library

Filtering can be used with searching to narrow down your results or independently of it to return a wider but related group of results.

You can filter the results based on several criteria:

  • Whether the Project is on your list of favorites. For more information about how to favorite Projects, see Setting your favorite Projects, Styles, and assets.
  • What the current build status of the Project is. For more information about how to set the build status, see Changing the build status of a Project.
  • Who the Project is owned by. The Owner of a Project is the person who first created it. This can be useful if you're trying to find only Projects you've built.
  • The language of the Project. 

You can apply any combination of these filters from the search toolbar:

Create, arrow showing the four filter options in search toolbar.png

Filtering by favorites

Apply the favorites filter by selecting the Favorites button:

Create, arrow pointing to selected Favorites button.png

This will mean only Projects that have been favorited will show in the results.

Filtering by status, ownership and language

Apply these filters by selecting the downward arrow next to the filter label and selecting the criteria checkboxes from the menu:

Create, arrow pointing to opened Status filter menu.png

Your results will be sorted based on the applied filters.

The filters that have been applied to your search will appear in the toolbar as tags:

Create, applied filters in search toolbar.png

You can remove them by selecting the (X) icon.

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