Using AI to create a Project

Elucidat Create offers the ability to create a new Project using AI. 

Our AI will ask for some content to get it started and then build a new Project based on that content, adding a variety of interactions to break up information and questions to test your learners. This can be a really useful way of turning already written information and knowledge into the beginnings of a course in a short amount of time.

Note: While Elucidat can provide support for the functioning of the AI feature, we cannot provide support for the content it creates. 


Creating a Project using AI

1. Go to Your Projects on the Create homepage

2. Select Create Project

3. Choose Create with AI

4. Paste in text from another source or write your own. This could be something like an extract from existing learning materials or a step-by-step guide

5. Select Ok

6. The AI creator will suggest a title based on the content you've provided but you can change this if you want. Select Ok to confirm your title

7. Select Create my Project

Once your Project has been created, you will be taken to it where you can view the results and begin editing if you need.

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