Adding new components to a section

Components are the building blocks of your course. A component could be an interaction, a question, a menu, or an informational part like text and images.

When a new section is added to your page, you'll also be prompted to choose a component to start the section off with. You can then add more components to that section if you need. 

For more information about the different types of components, see Feature Focus: Components.


Adding a new component

1. Go to the section you'd like to add a component to

2. Select one of the existing components in that section. You'll know it has been selected if it has a blue border around it.

3. Open the ellipsis menu in the right-hand toolbar

4. Select Add a section 

Create, Project toolbar, add a section.png

5. Choose the component you'd like to add to the section

6. The component will be added below the existing component you initially selected

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