Understanding Project access levels and the permissions they grant

Each Project you create is initially only visible to you. Once you're ready, you can choose to share the Project with individual colleagues or your organization as a whole. You find out how to share a Project in 

When you share a Project, you'll be required to set an access level for that user or organization.

There are five access levels, each of which grants a different set of permissions

  • Owner which allows you full control of your Project and who is able to access it. Only the original creator of a Project can be an Owner. This access level cannot be re-assigned to a different user.
  • Editor which allows the user or organisation to view and make changes to the Project. This can include changing the content of the Project, changing the Style used by the Project, and changing the score and progress settings. Editors cannot delete, rename, or share a Project that they do not own.
  • Viewer which allows the user or organization to only view the Project but not make changes to it.
  • Commenter which allows the user or organization to only view the Project but not make changes to it
  • No access which prevents access to your Project by the user or organization.

Here's a quick overview of the key permissions allowed by each access level.

Access Level View Project Edit Project Share Project Delete Project


No access



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