Creating Save versions

Every time you save your changes in Elucidat Create, a new Save version is created. A Save version is a snapshot of your Project at a certain point in time. There is no limit to how many you can create and they go all the way back to when your Project was created.

Save versions can be restored which is useful if you've saved a change you didn't mean to or if you'd like to experiment with an idea without worrying about losing your current version. You can learn more about this in Restoring a previous save of your Project.

The Save button in the top toolbar will change states depending on whether or not there have been one or more saveable changes made.

If a saveable change has been made, the button will be pink and labelled Save.

Create, pink Save button.png

If your Project has no changes to be saved, the button will be greyed out and the label will read Saved.

Create, grey Saved button.png

Saving a new Project version

1. Go to your Project

2. Make one or more changes to the content in your Project

3. Save your changes by selecting Save in the top right toolbar

You'll see a popup confirming your changes were saved and the Save button will change to Saved.

Tip: It is good practice to save often to ensure each version carries smaller iterative changes. This means that fewer of your changes will be lost in case you need to restore a previous save.


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