Restoring a previous saved version of your Project

If you've saved changes to your Project that you'd like to undo, you can restore a previous Save version with Project history.

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Each version is numbered based on the order in which it was created i.e. the first version is Version 1, the second is Version 2 etc.

The Project history menu will also show who in your account made a change and a timestamp of when the change was made.


What happens when I restore a previous version of my Project?

Restoring a previous version will revert your Project to exactly how it was in that version.

Doing this does not overwrite your current version but instead makes the newly recalled version the most recent version. You can freely cycle through different versions without permanently erasing your other save versions.

If you choose to continue building from a past version of your course, saving the changes will not overwrite any changes that have been made between that version and your most recent version. Instead, they will be saved as a new, separate version.

For example, if you are working on version 10, and choose to restore version 8 and continue working from there, this will create version 11, but versions 9 and 10 will still be available in your history.

This can give you room to experiment with your Project and test out different layouts and configurations with the knowledge that you can always return to the version you started with.


Using the Project history menu

Restoring a previously saved Project version

You can use the Project history menu to view and restore any Project version that has been saved since the Project's creation.

1. In your Project, open the Project history sidebar menu by selecting the Edit History icon  (Create, Edit history icon.png)

2. Scroll through the list to find the version of the Project you'd like to restore. Selecting the Date or Action headings will sort the list by that category, either arranging the results into ascending or descending order.

3. On your chosen version, select Restore 

4. The selected version of the Project will be restored


Undoing changes before they have been saved

You can also use the Project history menu to undo a change before it has been saved by recalling the most recent version.

1. Open the Project history sidebar menu before saving your changes

2. Find the most recent saved version of your Project

3. Select Restore

4. Select Save

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